Coffee beans

Caffè Leoni coffee beans are particularly suitable for the hospitality industry, ratail chains and much more.

These coffee beans come from Brazil and India, and are then carefully roasted in Italy. This blend stands out for its perfectly balanced full-bodied taste, for a creamy and aromatic coffee.

Miscela Espresso

Coffee beans

Miscela Espresso

Caffè Leoni Miscela Espresso coffee beans is the most purchased product by those who love traditional Italian coffee with its rich taste and fruity and floral olphated notes. This blend is made with selected natural coffee beans from Brazil and India, for a sweet and rich taste, with a particularly fruity and floral aroma.

Arabica and Robusta

The end result is an aromatic cup of espresso coffee with a perfectly balanced full-bodied taste and a special cream. This blend, which stands out for its optimal and gradual roasting curve, is intended for aromatic coffee lovers.

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Synonymous with elegance and Made in Italy quality, Caffè Leoni enhances the flavour of coffee to offer the pleasure of a classic Italian espresso. Become a Distributor now and choose the aroma that will set your establishment apart from the competition.

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